Anatomy of A Hummus Plate


Imagine a poorly-equipped psychiatric hospital managed by madmen. Doctors in denial, nurses poorly trained and six million patients, giddy on Prozac, swimming and skiing on the same day. Now wrap this chaos up in pita bread, dip it in the world’s best hummus, and you’ll get a taste of Lebanon.
Anatomy of A Hummus Plate is a look beneath the first layer of Lebanon’s celebrated hummus, from hospitality, pride, and unity, all the way to corruption and communal suffering. A compilation of political and social cartoons, filled with thoughts, laughter, truth, love, transparency, and other cheesy words you hear in bank commercials.

Category: Visual Arts Tags: , Artist: The Art of Boo

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Anatomy of A Hummus Plate


The Art of Boo


20 x 14 x 2.5 cm


Soft cover, 296 pages, more than 250 cartoons