“Life, Life, Live” and “Mixed Emotions”


This series of abstract paintings were inspired by the Arab uprising more than 10 years ago.  An unforgettable revolution heard across the universe; uproar so loud that millions were inspired. That year proved to be challenging in the Middle East, a beginning of an era, the Arab Spring. Where the Arab youth and people decided to revolt against their oppressive leaders. Starting from Tunisia and spreading across other Arab countries. It started from a seed growing into its leaves with a similar mission in mind – to take a STAND and demand CHANGE. A change demanded by the masses to topple corrupt leaders and for freedom. Surprising everyone on how the Arab youth want a voice for a brighter future. This uprising was a cry for basic human rights amongst the hungry, needy, unemployed, oppressed and many more. 

Considering the hard situations, we Arabs face, we still find the resilience to go on after countless oppressions and corruption. As the title says, despite of all hardships, we are resilient, strong, and unbreakable. We choose to continue to live life with an undying spirit. Our way of showing that our power, voice, and ideas will never die. 

The first two canvases, 50 x 50 cm, represent the mixture of emotions of the people. Each canvas consists of four parts, totaling to eight for the two. In here, each part depicts a significant emotion, with a series of dark colors towards the beginning, slowly lightening in the middle and darkening once again. I define them as Anger, Hatred, Anxiety, Confusion, Hopeful, Bliss, Acceptance and Fear. Why FEAR towards the end? It is because once we achieve our stand, there will always be a fear on what the future holds. The main titled canvas, 50 x100cm, continues to represent the first two. In this piece is where all these emotions explode to depict the deepest one of all – the feeling of CONTENTMENT, it’s to see the beautiful things despite the chaos and to live life as it is.

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Life, Life, Live, Mixed Emotions


Amira Al Zein

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50x100cm, 50x50cm




mixed media on stretched canvas