Ahmad Jouni

Hello. I am Ahmad Jouni, 25 years old, and I do art. I am on my senior year of graphic design at the Lebanese International University. I have been drawing traditionally for most of my life, however, I have taken an interest in digital art. The art field I am into is Concept Art. I use Photoshop to draw and paint as well as a Huion H1080p drawing tablet, and I have been drawing digitally for a little over a year now and I have been delving into character art and world building, which is a form of art that is used heavily in the video game, movie, and story book industries, which are 3 domains I have been passionate about ever since I was a kid. I have found my place in creating original characters as well as infusing various concepts into a final artwork that I could visualize in a game or movie.

“My aim is to pursue a career in Concept Art. This domain is so widespread on a worldwide scale and the competition is booming. There are plenty of digital art schools and academies opening up in many countries and the level of artistry in this domain is otherworldly. If you have played or watched any game or movie, you have come across someone’s work in concept art, character design, and world building. As a self-taught artist, my plan is to study more about art in either a fine arts school or a digital arts one abroad, and to reach the level that qualifies me to work in a production house like Pixar or a video game company such as Blizzard or Riot Games. On a local scale, however, I sincerely hope to see more people gain awareness about digital art as a creative field with a solid career platform, and contribute to the visual arts field, and I have even considered to teach digital art in Lebanon once I reach the level that I aspire because we do have the potential here as artists. All in all, and simply speaking, I just want to see a character of mine in a game or film!”