Amir Shaaban

Amir Shaaban is a visual artist who works with many mediums – including oils and acrylics -, as well as with diverse types and styles of art. His technical art skills and perspectives have developed and improved significantly throughout the years and they have given him confidence as well as great exposure and experience. Shaaban has more than 10 years of art experience as he started painting when he was younger. He produced several collections and stand alone artworks.  He participated in several art exhibitions and won second place in the Ministry of Education Art Competition for schools in 2018.

“As an artist, I understand the value of art in life and appreciate it strongly, as art is a global way to express ourselves and our feelings, allowing us to have the freedom to explore various techniques and convey a certain message. I am a passionate and determined person who likes adventures and have a good relationship with mother nature and animals. I work hard and practice to improve my art skills. I like to experiment different types and styles of painting, and especially portrait painting since it visualizes unique perspectives and inspires me to convey my personal artistic touch and voice. I usually publish most of my artworks’ images on social media platforms such as Instagram or LinkedIn since anything on social media can be spread in a viral way and seen by a wide range of audience.