Amira Al Zein


Amira Al Zein is a self-taught and aspiring Lebanese artist. As a Project Coordinator and Relations executive, she has years of experience in the Education and NGO fields which have greatly influenced her passion to create awareness and advocacy. During her career in the UAE and Lebanon, she continued to collaborate with different NGOs and organizations for the betterment of children, women, education, environment and others. Hence, taking a long pause of several years in pursuing her dream of being an artist. Amira’s work is brought to life by using different forms of medium with prime focus on acrylic painting and drawing. She believes that there are no limitations as long as her ideas/concepts are represented in her work.


“My work explores proving a point, taking a stand and depicting a particular situation/topic within our society. I firmly believe in creating “Art with a cause”, hoping for more awareness and education. As an aspiring artist, I try my best to think out of the box and create works that can speak my heart to the masses. I have loved art since I was a child but pursued a different career path. I am a self-taught artist and am looking forward to pursue Art studies for more improvement in the future. My passion for art awakened once again during my work with children in schools/centers, social works and collaborations with several organizations which triggered my desire to make an impact. Coming from a multi-cultural background, I try to achieve with every artwork a goal of relaying a message to help break stereotypes and prejudices that exist in our society. Furthermore, my career in Education and NGOs allowed me to show the beauty of these worlds. My experience and wide knowledge of relevant issues allow me to capture my concepts/ideas and recreate them on canvas. It is significant that I imagine a particular moment/movement within my work. I create my art using mixed media on canvas or paper with a main focus on acrylics and drawings. I usually do not have any limitations on materials to be used but improvise during my creative process as I immerse deeply into my concept. My works are usually abstracts but tend to move to different techniques/styles depending on the work/request. Since I write articles, poetry and other pieces as well, I sometimes incorporate my writings/poetry into my art and I create my own materials/stencils to achieve the effects and showcase their beauty. I know that we can’t eradicate all the misfortunes happening today, we can only try to help, big or small, one smile, one “art” at a time.”