Betty Khatchikian


Betty Khatchikian began painting at a very young age, imprinting her vision of the world onto canvases. She grew up discovering the world through brushes and colors. After a five-year inspirational soul-searching trip to China, Khatchikian moved back to Beirut where she worked on turning her hobby into a living by polishing her talent through online workshops with international esteemed artists. As a self-taught Lebanese artist, her work with time evolved from classical realism to contemporary. She uses varied mediums and especially oils and charcoal. She paints live portraits, figures and is known to be seen on Lebanese shores with her easel doing live studies.
Exhibitions: “Mashrou’ Proletkult”, AUB Byblos art gallery, Group Show, 2016; “The Manifestation”, The Art workshop, Hamra, Solo Exhibition, 2018; “Against All Odds”, Loft in style Gallery, Zouk, Solo Exhibition, 2019; “Beirut Art Fair”, Le Gray hotel, Beirut, Group Exhibition, 2019; “The Silent Leaders”, Beit Beirut, Sodeco, Group Exhibition, 2020, U.S Embassy private exhibition, 2021.

Interviews & articles: Agenda Culturel, interview, 2018; Agenda Culturel, article, 2018; Radio Liban, interview, 2018; Radio Van, interview, 2018; Al Jadeed News Report, 2019; “The Silent Readers” section, book by Marijoe Raidy, 2020.

“I am often looking for avenues of the unexpected. An ironic twist to images you might expect, or a combination between the expected and unexpected, provoking the participant to face/explore new and perhaps unexplored territories.”