Celine Alam

Growing up, Celine Alam has been fascinated by art and design. She discovered her passion for art and design at a young age. She was enrolled in an art institute at the age of 15; then, a year later, she enrolled in Fabriano programs, where she learned more about sketching, painting and watercolor. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. She believes that her enrollment in this major has made her even more interested in art, as it has taught her about layout, composition, colors and shapes that she applies to her art. Alam started her art journey with acrylic, and she recently learned to use oils.

“Every piece of art is a reflection of the artist; it tells a story. Colors, shapes and composition reveal the artist’s mood, spirit and traits. Thus, I believe that people can often relate to and connect with these qualities. Furthermore, art is a way of reaching and connecting with people; it makes them feel a certain way. I hope that my art would reach people, connect with them and maybe even inspire them!”