Elie Kesrouany


I’m Elie Kesrouany, I’ve created ‘WASTA’ which is a product made 100% in Lebanon from creative direction to manufacturing.

I’ve made this game honestly just to turn my anger and loss of hope into something that can help my society and make people laugh.

I am a game inventor, I own a coffee shop called “Onboard“, and I am a creative writer who is planning to make a lot of other games.

Wasta is made with recycled papers, the packaging was also done by Lebanese families.

What is WASTA?

لعبة  لبنانيّة كاريكاتوريّة 100% من واقع المجتمع اللّبناني

WASTA is a 100 % satirical Lebanese board game based on life in Lebanon. It was made as a reaction to our frustration vis-a-vis the system and it focuses both on spreading awareness through the rules of the game while creating a good laugh in these difficult times.

I am behind the creative direction and Bernard Hage by art. of. boo is behind the artistic design.