Faten Khalil


Faten Khalil was granted a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts after graduating from the Lebanese University in 2020. She studied and worked in the field of Fashion Design in 2017 at Elie Saab Fashion Modeling Agency. In 2005, she participated in an art exhibition organized by the UNESCO in Lebanon. In 2009, she participated in the “Art Paris” event in Dubai and an exhibition organized by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism as well as other Arab events in Kuwait, Egypt and elsewhere. In 2018, she represented Lebanon in the annual “Fine Arts Festival” held in Montenegro. In the same year, she represented Lebanon at the “Mahres International Plastic Arts Festival” in Tunisia. Her work titled “Peace and Security” was awarded the first prize by the United Nations Organization, and in the same year, she was chosen for the second time to represent Lebanon at the annual “Ode To Life” Fine Arts Festival held in Montenegro. The year 2020 was a quantum leap in her field, as her sculptural work ranked first place during her participation in the “ICCR Global Art Competition” organized by the State of India, outperforming more than 8,000 participating works. The year 2020 also held two more achievements for her career, where she participated in the “Art Laguna” competition located in Venice-Italy, as well as the “Luxembourg Art Prize” in Belgium.

Khalil’s work can be viewed on the global ArtNet website.


Faten Khalil focuses in her artistic and sculptural topics on women, childhood and human struggles. She presents these topics using mixed media through a mixture of art movements, including impressionism, abstraction, expressionism and realism, along with a manner that tends to reflect the conflicts witnessed by the world in an expressive way.