Hiba Hteit

Hiba Hteit is the founder of Artios for Art & Architecture. She graduated from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 2015 with a Bachelor in Architecture. She wanted to share her passion for art with the world by launching Artios in 2020. Hteit relies on several mediums to express the beauty and freedom of face and body. The emotive drawings are composed by different techniques. A black and white pointillist technique marks one of Hteit’s key artistic signatures that offers a unique interplay between light and shade. The dual tone is sometimes broken by a dash of color that interrupts the monotony of the palette. In Hteit’s paintings, the spirit of the characters speaks with the viewer and transcends the flat plane of the painting. The people that the artist draws, cross the uncanny valley and become acquaintances. Hteit also experimented in concrete to create forms that challenge expectations. She uses the material to design intriguing pots and candleholders.

“Artios acts as a bridge from the artist’s world to the rest of us. Its mission is to show us what limits can creativity breach and how reality is seen by her eyes. My vision is to see Artios reconnecting people with art and discovering its beauty.”