Ingrid El Naccour

Ingrid Naccour is a photographer and a professional singer. She studied Cinema-Television at the Faculty of Arts of The Lebanese University. She is also a Certified Vocal Styles Specialist from Berklee College of Music (Boston). She works in both the music and photography fields, has her own photography studio, where she shoots products, food, babies , jewelry, portraits etc… She also worked on a few projects with UNICEF and UNRWA with the Palestinian/Syrian refugees (photography and documentary). As for the music field, she sings in festivals, events, corporates, local television etc… and she teaches singing.

“Art is a way of expression, you express what you feel, or sometimes what you see. Art also helps society, and this is my aim at this stage: to help people around me through my art, especially after the Beirut Blast. I had to do something about it, and help rebuild the damaged houses (after fixing mine). This is when my most recent photography collection “Save Beirut” was born. So my main mission-vision at this stage is to collect money and help Beirut, and maybe support other causes in the future.”