Laurie Mikaélian

Laurie Mikaélian is an artist based in Lebanon with Armenian origins. She is an interior architect with almost 7 years of experience, and is passionate about art, especially the renaissance and surrealist art movements. Her distinctive personal style expresses the influence of her Armenian culture. As a child, she received many prizes for her talent. She earned a Bachelor degree in Interior architecture from the Lebanese University (Faculty of Fine Arts) and a Master’s degree in Set Design from L’accademia di belli arti di Roma.

“Having a big passion for art and design, I followed that passion and became a certified designer. Being born and raised in a family who works in and appreciates art, I have found my passion for art without any help or directions since a very young age. Ever since I was young, I have been inspired by art and renown artists, was interested in their lives, read books about them… As I grew older , that passion grew with each passing year. This is why I went into the field, studied and graduated in interior architecture but that wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to go abroad for my Masters and picked the city that is filled with art, the eternal Rome, in which I completed a degree in set design. Art for me is limitless, I define it as “Freedom”. Every day, something or someone can inspire you to create a work of art, it’s a very sensitive matter; there’s always a story behind it and a good way to express your inner thoughts.”