Lea Morcos

Lea Morcos is a Syrian born artist, living and working in Broumana, Lebanon. With a university degree in Political Sciences from Sciences Po, Paris, Lea moved to the world of art with studies in mosaic, painting and sculpture at a number of schools and institutes in Lebanon and Italy. Lea was selected and exhibited twice at the “Salon d’Automne du Musee Sursock” and has held several private and group exhibitions in Lebanon, Paris and Kuwait.

“My recent paintings and sculptures focus on the power of chance . Inspired by philosophy and nature, I explore the infinite potential of chance. Observing nature, I try to catch in my work the “will to power” that is the driving force in every living being. The will to power is undetermined, meaning it can develop in any possibility as to the form it adopts. It’s a movement between contradictory and complimentary forces. If chance enables the will to power to exist and be, the obstacle, here the medium, whether paint or clay, dictates the path towards the finished artwork.”