Maral Maniss

Maral Maniss holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Lebanese University. She is a Beirut-based Lebanese visual artist whose works blur the distinction between abstraction and representation. Her work has been the subject of several solo and collective exhibitions in Lebanon, Syria, Paris, Monte Carlo, Mumbai, Dubai… A compliment to her paintings, Maniss’ works form a critical part of her practice and aim at enlightening viewers on her artistic process through a powerful representation of her curiosities and opinions. Using bold brush strokes, paintings call for equality between men and women based on her personal experiences and memories. This work is related to social, human rights and cultural issues. The use of bright colors serves to distract the viewer from the underlying intensity of her struggle for women’s rights. Maral Maniss’ works are constructed with an intentional balance of composition, color, lines, forms, symbols and harmony. She colors her world with her symbolic artworks, and her palette is vivid with beautiful colors inspired from her native city Beirut and the sea.

“I am a hardworking Visual Artist, specializing in modern and contemporary painting and sculpture, and also an expert in color and design, beginning as a self-taught interior decorator and fashion designer, and followed by a ten-year period of embroidery art mastery. I continually push the boundaries with original, innovative work that reflect a passionate drive to advocate for human rights and transcend borders through the cross-cultural language of the abstract. I use varied materials and mixed media, reflecting a diverse repertoire, and I regularly contribute to and volunteer in various art-related organizations, events and workshops. I also actively exhibit my artworks locally and internationally. ”