Monica Moughabghab

I am Monica, a Lebanese girl with a strong passion for art, in all of its possible forms. I have always loved to create, I have always believed I was created to create. I never liked to put my art under rules that are not my own, I believe art should not be defined or put under conditions and limits. I am pursuing a masters’ degree in Economics, and art is my escape from the pressures of daily life. My passion for art started since a young age, always looking for a pencil and a paper to express myself; and that is how I watched my art grow, jumping from style to style, from medium to medium until I believed I found myself in my creations. Painting is such a liberating experience to me, it has become an essential part of my life.

I find peace in the crazy flow of colors, and in the endless hours spent in a different world, mixing and messing with paint to express thoughts and emotions. And I hope that you too, will find peace in my art, and it will touch you deep within.