Najwa Nahas

After graduating from the Lebanese Academy of Arts (ALBA) in Beirut with high honors (Dede Hourani Prize), Najwa Nahas Khawam went to Paris to pursue studies in Ceramic Design at l’Ecole Supérieure Des Arts Appliqués Duperré where she perfected her technique in molding, chemistry of clays, glazes, wood and gaz firing. She further complemented her education with a Bachelor’s degree in Archeology at La Sorbonne Paris IV to expand her knowledge of pottery and terracottas. Her work emphasizes on exploring different know-hows such as raku and saggar, and incorporating them into modern organic shapes. It includes a constant research of texture, naked clay colors, wheel throwing and altering, glazes, and the different types of firing. Her art has been shown at Cairo Biennale, Salon d’Automne Sursok Museum, The National Museum of Beirut, AUB Museum, Agial Gallery, Sioufi Garden, Sursock museum shop, and Beirut Design Fair among others.

As far as she remembers, Najwa Nahas Khawam has been working with her hands. For her, art is not only a movement of the body but the mind and the soul too. Creation is a nonstop work, a therapy, away from stress, anxiousness and daily problems.
With a diverse background, interior design, archeology, ceramics studies, visual arts, ceramics happened to be an immediate passion where everything is fusion, the inner self with the clay which is brought to shape and life, fusion of the clay with the fire and fusion of the glaze with fire at the maturing temperature. Here everything is poetry, silence and meditation. It may seem paradoxical while working such a humble material as clay but the miracle occurs in the final stage when the fire transforms a modest pot into a piece of art, where the four elements , earth, water, air and fire are indissociable .
Khawam’s work is not trendy, it reflects her character and personality, her self accomplishment, fulfillment. Everyone needs art, it’s a necessity to transcend difficulties. Ceramics is a challenging art, hard work not always rewarding but it is a passion far beyond the expectations and it’s an ineffable joy when a beautiful piece comes out of the kiln, precious present.