Nayla Feghali


Being a Graduate student in Human Resource Management and a Part-Time Teacher for Business and Economics, I have always found myself interested in the arts. I constantly find myself channeling my creativity through paintings, drawings, and acting in short films.


To many, art means to make a statement. Typically it involves expressing thoughts and emotions which are interpreted from various perspectives. I have always had a profound interest in geometric shapes ever since watching the 1959 Disney film “Donald in Mathmagic Land”. The idea of combining geometric shapes with a living object thrills me and brings life to what is considered theoretical and 2nd dimensional. It has become a way of thinking for me, I guess that is why I have been told I see the world differently. Given that my field of study entails a very systematic approach of work, I find that with my art, I am able to express how I feel and portray the more natural flow of creativity that business lacks.