Olga Safa

Olga Safa was born in Bulgaria and spent her childhood living in different countries. She graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor’s in Computer and Communications Engineer and a Master’s in Business Administration. She started painting as soon as she could hold a pen in her hand and she has been painting ever since. Painting has always been her hobby and her passion. Safa has been fascinated with different topics throughout her life. Dancing, in general, and Argentine Tango, in particular, have been recurring topics as she has been expressing human emotions through the hidden and mysterious language of the body. Safa is currently exploring more spiritual topics. Her own journey of self discovery and healing has been her muse. From self-reflection to self-love, she has expressed different phases of her journey on her canvases hoping to inspire others to let go of their wounds and embrace their authentic selves.

“My paintings are a prelude into my own inner world: vibrant, lively, adventurous, and full of possibilities. My paintings are far from silent. They laugh, cry, shout, and invite the viewer to experience a spectrum of human emotions through an exquisite palette of bright, joyful colors. What distinguishes my paintings is the alluring blend of sensuality and passion that charms the eyes and captivates the heart.”