Peter Abdel Karim


My name is Peter, I am an enthusiastic graphic designer passionate about branding, advertising, and photography. My approach to design is all about arts and creativity. Since my childhood, art has been designing my life. Design has always been my passion, my lifestyle, my everything. From here came the idea of Pak Design’s, a page dedicated to showcase my talents and share them with the world. My passion for architecture and photography makes you see my work today. Newborns architectural frames for Beirut. One of them was exhibited in the media lounge of the Goethe Institute in Lebanon in February 2020, and the other one was born as a tribute to the lost heritage after the massive explosion that hit Beirut last August 2020.


“In my artworks I am inspired by architecture, particularly the ways that buildings frame our perception of space. I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon and my interest in architecture and heritage has begun as a way for me to reconcile the dense, tight feeling of cities, with the clarity and openness of my native landscape. The scope of my work has expanded where I begin to represent my city in architectural frames to be hanged in our spaces. I use a variety of media, including illustration and photography, to explore architecture and streets. Most recently I have exhibited my first artwork in the media lounge of the Goethe institute in Lebanon. I often begin my work by noticing details of my environment, I walk down the streets and start observing. Throughout this process, I take photos. Then I make my selection. Working between photography and illustration, I develop a great composition as in the process of its creation.”