Tala Awadi


My name is Tala Awadi, I’m from Beirut, Lebanon. My art is signed under the artist name Talaart.

I find inspiration in many places. Traveling to Turkey led me to be further be inspired by the beauty and creativity the country holds. I was influenced and motivated to bring out my own creative style. I create art to reflect how I envision the world through my drawings. Art is not only a passion, it is a lifestyle for me. I specialize in digital art and paintings, and I focus on houses in Lebanon and in other countries. I also enjoy working with ink.

My art style is Framed art. I have been creating art for over four years and it is multicultural. My favorite artist is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. I find his work to be bold! I’m always connecting with the art community by participating in art fairs and reaching out to fellow artists. My work has been previewed on social media as well as featured in art exhibitions.

When people see my work, I hope they have an experience of how “the devil lies in the details”.


Joining the Nabad program would enable me to serve a higher purpose with the art I create. It would give me the chance to raise my voice through my art.