Tamara Haddad

Born in Beirut in a family dedicated to Art and Architecture, Tamara Haddad is heavily influenced by the spirit and lifestyle of her father Georges Haddad, a pioneer of modern architecture in Lebanon. After graduating in 2005 from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) with a master’s degree in Advertising Art Direction, and led by her passion for photography, she ventured across breathtaking landscapes of Nepal and Tibet, then Europe, capturing impressive landscape scenery. Inspired by her series of photos, Tamara Haddad expanded her artistic horizon and thus devoted herself to painting. She started giving landscapes a new dimension, refining and purifying lines and colors. Then her work evolved, focusing inevitably on environmental issues. Her recent work deals with physical transformations that earth is enduring nowadays either caused by natural phenomena or by mankind actions. With natural materials such as sand, bark, pebble and branches, she stays on the edge between abstract and realistic landscape. The aim is not to talk only about environmental issues, but also to show beauty in these wounded landscapes, as well as ordinary rocky scenery, with an infinite array of textures and colors that are most of the time taken for granted.

“Enjoying Earth’s treasures before leaving this world”