Tamara Nasr


Tamara Nasr is an architecture student at the Lebanese American University. She loves ink sketching, oil painting, graphic novels, and any new way she can find to express her love for Beirut and the stories it harbors. Fascinated by the observation of her changing city and its impact on the collective psyche of the Lebanese, she is also working to inspire change in her society as a political activist, founding member and president of the LAU Secular group. This platform allows her to spread a progressive discourse among the youth promoting values such as anti-sectarianism, inclusivity, and social justice. Her artwork features in the Rusted Radishes Literary and Art Journal, the New Arab newspaper, and the Anti-Racism Movement website, and will be published in the coming Samandal Comics issue.


My creative process is an act of layering impressions absorbed from the rhythmic chaos of my city, analyzed as a macrocosm of my own mind and body. Beirut, to me, holds meaning much beyond a grouping of built forms. Through my art, I aim to understand the urban sprawl as a patchwork of memories, a poem of connections and interruptions, and an echo chamber of clashing dreams.