I am enjoying earth’s treasures

I am enjoying earth’s treasures

Marée noire by Tamara Haddad

Arleb by Nabad interviews painter Tamara Haddad. Born in Beirut in a family dedicated to Art and Architecture, Haddad’s current work focuses on environmental issues, using natural materials such as sand, bark, pebble and branches, and staying on the edge between abstract and realistic landscape. 

Arleb by Nabad – Can you tell us more about your background?

Tamara Haddad – I  have a Master degree in Creative Advertising. I graduated from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) and I am a self-taught painter.

Arleb by Nabad – What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

Tamara Haddad – Hiking, caving, and traveling showed me a lot about nature and the environment, how delicate the Earth is, and how it is suffering nowadays.

Arleb by Nabad – Which subjects or themes are you working on?

Tamara Haddad – Climate change and environmental issues themes are the main subjects of my current work.  The aim is not to talk only about environmental issues, but also to show beauty in these wounded landscapes, as well as ordinary rocky scenery, with an infinite of textures and colors, most of the time, taken for granted.

Arleb by Nabad – What is your creative process like?

Tamara Haddad – I use natural materials found in my hiking and walks such as bark, lime, tree branches, sand, and natural pigments, as well as oil painting.

Arleb by Nabad – What was the impact of the Beirut port explosions (August 4, 2020) on your work as an artist?

Tamara Haddad – I am more convinced of human bad and irresponsible actions that damage first the environment, then human beings. My work will continue to spread awareness messages about our irresponsible actions towards nature and towards us.

Arleb by Nabad – What are, according to you, the roles of arts and culture in social, economic, environmental or political change?

Tamara Haddad – Art should be a way to directly express an artist’s thoughts, fears and feelings on various subjects, and also to create an impact on society and even changes. Art has always followed society’s changes and movements through decades across the world.

Arleb by Nabad – What are, according to you, the main challenges/obstacles facing artists and creative enterprises in Lebanon nowadays?

Tamara Haddad – I think, according to my own experience, that the most difficult thing is buying artistic materials and furniture which has become very expensive, as well as affording a place or a studio to work in. Many artists lost their studios after the blast and it is very difficult to rebuild.