Rania Naccour


Rania Naccour is a Lebanese artist who graduated from the Lebanese university (Faculty of fine arts, Furn al Chebak). She has participated in many events and public exhibitions as an artist in Lebanon and the UAE. She is currently finishing a master’s degree in History of art and museum studies.


Rania Naccour considers herself as an explorer and adventurer. She likes to explore new horizons in life and in her art. She travelled to many lands exploring cultures and traditions, and tried many styles in her art, seeking to reinvent and improve herself. She studied Pranic healing as a way to understand energy. A constant that she always returns to, is the nature and traditions in her home land. Farmers , fishermen, landscapes and seascapes catch her attention and she expresses this interest through representing these worlds. Naccour is curious and like to learn constantly; this is apparent through the different fields that she delved into: TV presenting and producing, and museum education. She always returns back to her art as she finds in it a deep connection with herself and with life.