Sahar Chehab

Tiny little sketches all piled up in a little girl’s room were the outset of Sahar Chehab’s colorful years. Born in Beirut on March 27, 1958, Sahar Chehab pursued and nurtured her passion for art across the years of childhood and adulthood.
Holding a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut didn’t prevent our artist from extending her education to take further courses but this time in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University (BCU formerly). The artist’s education groomed her paintings and sheered the path to show off her talent in the years to come.
Sahar Chehab’s paintings leaned more towards the contemporary style rather than the modern, and with the use of more oil than water based colors. Landscapes took hold of most of the artist’s focus in the early years.
Being married and raising four children didn’t restrict Sahar’s artistic quality. The artist broadened her creativity to try new projects. Metal embossing was one of the new art that the artist indulged in and excelled at. This new project gained much admiration from Sahar Chehab’s customers and is still highly demanded from her. Other art I work included drawing on ceramics and vases.
The artist’s latest ardor is for calligraphy. Quranic verses and known proverbs filled Sahar Chehab’s new canvas. Working with Arabic calligraphy in a new, unique, and modern style was a new art that gained the attention of art collectors and the public in the multiple exhibitions the artist participated in. Throughout the years, exhibitions took a great part in presenting Sahar Chehab’s various art works and by which Sahar gained much publicity for her talent.
The skill of any artist lies in his or her ability to continuously regenerate his or her work. Showing something different and a new art every once in a while is by itself a talent that Sahar Chehab stands out in.

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