Samia Soubra

Samia Soubra (b.1998, Beirut) is a visual artist. She is currently studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the Lebanese American University. She experiments with several styles and mediums. Her work stems from intuition and mental imagery, having a keen vision of simple elements that expand into a complex subject.

“I capture subjects from a rounded perspective to explore and shape them differently in an unrealistic scene that pushes their meaning. There is a lot of significance and detail to anything that we see, and they have the possibility to become flexible.

Wherever we go, we become selective with what we focus on. It’s a process of taking something, changing its setting, and seeing how it can fit somewhere else. Our mind goes through that process as well. It’s expanding the meaning of it, the thinking of it, and the look of it.
My aim is to show that even the thinnest things in life are more than what they are”.