Yasmine Mehio

Yasmine Mehio is a Beirut native born and bred. She has lived in this city for her whole life, and like any Beiruti would say, she has a love hate relationship with this city. But at the end of the day, she says she loves it. Mehio is an architect by education and training. She has gone down both the corporate architecture path and the freelance architect path. But in reality she has been a whole lot more than that: an architect, a designer, a photographer, a game designer, a project planner, an event organizer, and a writer. Most recently, she has taken up painting, specifically watercolor, as she ventures through another journey to express and tell stories.

“Throughout my career and my adult life, I have learned one major thing about myself– I love storytelling and I believe that storytelling is one of humanity’s most powerful tools. We tell stories in an infinite number of ways– they are communal and they are personal and they are intimate and they are loud. I have found myself telling stories through so many platforms, whether as an architect or a designer or a writer. And now, I find myself telling stories through painting and urban sketching. Beirut seems to be my favorite subject– its streets, its people, its architecture, its culture. The details in its buildings, the peculiarities of its neighborhoods and the strength of its people. Beirut in its uniqueness, its turmoil and chaos, its contradictions and instabilities, in its traditions and its constant change is an ever changing living thing and yet in all of this, it remains a constant to all who know it and love and live it. That’s the story I’m trying to tell.”