Celine Khairallah


Celine Khairallah is a designer and illustrator based in Beirut. She launched the SCENE Beirut brand in 2012. Khairallah works with digital art, silk-screening, and retail product design in small batches with the help of Lebanese artisans and manufacturers.


“By the time most of my friends where in their mid 20s having their first kid, I was roaming Beirut, from Bourj Hammoud to Gemmayze, from the one room handbags atelier to the friend’s hangout and everything in between. From buying fabric in Msaytbeh to teaching people a few years younger than I was at the university. Though it feels to me that Beirut was my first child and inspiration, I might be its adopted child in fact. I rarely went to Beirut before the year 2000, except to visit my teta and uncle on Sassine. It is only by walking the city back and forth and by engaging with its people from all walks of life that I grew to love it. On august 2nd, 2 days before the explosion I moved with my husband and toddler from Beirut to the suburbs, confinement here is easier. Yet, my city flashes in front of my eyes every time I close them.”