Diane Audi

Diane Audi is a self-taught artist who mostly produces abstract and contemporary artwork. Naturally curious and easily bored, she tends to escape her everyday life through art, experiment, discover, and lay out on canvas her life’s journey.

“Having started drawing since kindergarten, I developed my talent and drawing skills over the years. I consider myself to be a self-taught artist since I took very few drawing, painting, and sketching classes. However, I mainly developed my taste, my skills, and techniques on my own, by discovering art and artists in museums and exhibitions. Naturally curious and easily bored, I tend to escape through art by going to unknown places and discovering new fragments of not only my talent but my consciousness too, and my personality. I express myself and my emotions through my paintings, which have accompanied me in my life’s journey thus far, and have showcased my personal development. Painting and art are my biggest passion in life. Moments spent painting and discovering art in museums are unfailingly an out-of-this-world moment for me.”